Every manuscript is unique and requires a unique approach. I separate editing into three different types (described below), but the truth is that most texts need something in between. Proofreading is a little more clearcut, though sometimes it can morph into copyediting. If you know exactly what you’re looking for—great. If not—that’s perfectly fine too. Email me and we will discuss what’s most appropriate for you and your work. 

Developmental Editing

Think big picture. I will provide feedback on plot, structure, character development, pacing, voice, themes. Among other things, I’ll be looking for plot holes (and offering suggestions for how to eliminate them), examining character motivation, making sure the backstory is incorporated seamlessly. The goal here is to organize and shape your manuscript so it’s smooth and coherent. 

Line Editing 

Think paragraphs and sentences. I will address problems like awkward phrasing, redundancies, overused words, misused words, missing transitions. I will look out for inconsistencies and I will polish your sentences in order to improve clarity and flow without compromising your voice.


Think sentences and words. I will focus on grammar, punctuation, spelling, style, consistency, formatting. Dangling modifiers, subject-verb agreement, consistent capitalization—these are some of the things I will look out for.


Think last check before publication. I will look for misspellings, bad line breaks, incorrect or missing punctuation, missing spaces, inconsistent fonts, and all the other minute details that separate excellence from mediocrity. 

Rates and Discounts 

My rates depend on the specific needs of each project and on the requested turnaround time. Please email me for an estimate. If you are a new client, I will give you 10 percent off your first project. If you are already my client and you refer a new client to me, I will give you 10 percent off your next project.