My chapbook Instructions for Building a Wind Chime was a winner in Poetry Society of America’s chapbook contest in 2016. You can order a copy here

Poems online:

Bento Body—in Atticus Review, August 2016  

Precise Requirements for Enumeration—in Queen Mob’s Tea House, February 2016  

Instructions for Making Salsa Verde, Instructions for Trimming Your Roommate’s Bangs, Instructions for Opening a Door—in Noble Gas Quarterly (202.2), January 2015  

Before Serving, Sprinkle with Cinnamon—in MadHat Lit, January 2015 

Instructions for Building a Wind Chime—in The Nervous Breakdown, December 2013

Poems in print:

During Lunch Break Paula Asks If I Love You; Revere Beachin burntdistrict (3.2), Summer 2014 

Etude in A-minor; The Waves Know Everything about Not Letting Go; Lot’s Wife—in Armchair/Shotgun (4), 2013 

Chernobyl Revisited: Novinki Asylum, Belarus, 1997; Chernobyl Revisited: Pripyat River, Belarus, 2000—in Bayou (59), 2013   

Chernobyl Revisited: Zhuravitchy Orphanage and Asylum, Belarus; Chernobyl Revisited: Maiskey Valley, Belarus, 1997—in The New Orleans Review (38.1), 2012 


Let Me Translate My Emails for You,” McSweeney’s, March 2016. 

What Commercials Have Taught Me about Laundry,” McSweeney’s, June 2015.

We Who Leave,” The Rumpus, October 2014. 

“How to Fall in Love with Provincetown,” in Paige Leaves: Essays Inspired by New England, published by the Harvard Book Store, October 2012.