Summer Heacock (@fizzygrrl):

I had the pleasure of Adriana’s editing brilliance on my most recent manuscript. Adi’s notes were AMAZING. They were so brilliantly detailed and she caught numerous spots I hadn’t even considered to make improvements and enhance the story. She gives the hard news in a way that doesn’t make you want to sob in a corner or drink your bodyweight in wine. Very important. But she doesn’t withhold the harder critiques. She nestles them in an edit letter that points out all the strengths and weaknesses and genuinely makes you feel like you, and only you, can and will conquer your story.

And just to tout her skills in a quantifiable way: the MS she worked on with me had over a dozen full requests within the first day of querying, and I had multiple offers from agents within twenty-four hours. That is light-years beyond the stats of any of my other querying attempts.

Adi is a pleasure to work with, a true professional, and a glorious person. I can safely say you’ll not be disappointed with her efforts.